Why yet another music school?

Our answer: be the change you want to see in this world. With our music school, we aim to create a place where we can focus on self expression, freedom, enjoyment, being curious and passionate, etc. We're carving out a piece of this world where we can belong and in return invite people into it. 

Instrument classes tailored to your need

Instrument classes can be taught individually, in duo or even in trio for 30', 45' and even 60'.

String family:
• Guitar (acoustic, electro-acoustic, electric, classical)
• Bass
• Violin

• Piano 

Woodwind instruments
• Saxophone
• Flute

• Drums

• Percussive instruments 


This in most genres: pop, rock, classical, jazz, folk, etc. Also possible to bring your own compositions to work on!

Group courses children
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Group courses adults
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